Saturday, June 23, 2007


I haven't posted much yet. This is because there hasn't been much to show off yet. Now, there is. I've got fields working automatically from coreloop. Here's an example....
import soy
sce = soy.Scene()
cam = soy.bodies.Camera(sce)
cam.position = (0,0,10)
py1 = soy.bodies.Pyramid(sce)
py1.position = (-2,0,0)
py2 = soy.bodies.Pyramid(sce)
py2.position = (0,0,0)
py3 = soy.bodies.Pyramid(sce)
py3.position = (2,0,0)
scr = soy.Screen()
win = soy.Window(scr, size=(640,480))
pro = soy.widgets.Projector(win, size=(640,480), camera=cam)
m = soy.bodies.fields.Monopole(sce)
I haven't got around to normalizing the acceleration based on the timestep, but it's coming.

Edit: updated example to avoid warning

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